The Willow Street Anthology

The first seventeen years of my life were spent on Willow Street, shaping my life. This is the only non-motorsport-related anthology, meant to house my musings on topics like mental health, motherhood, and generational trauma. 

Racing Roots Podcast Coming Soon

Excited to announce the Racing Roots Podcast — a podcast where genealogy and motorsports meet. The podcast will feature interviews…

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IndyCar’s 2022 Social Media Gains: A Breakdown

With the 2022 season in the rearview mirror, I pulled together the social media data that I had compiled and…

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A Crookedness Develops

Dearest reader,  It only felt right that the first column I write should be centered around what newspapers deemed “the…

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An Introduction To Scandals of Speed

Dearest Reader, I bring to you my newest brainchild, the Scandals of Speed Anthology.   Because – my dear reader –…

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