About Us

Dear Reader,

I have been a writer for as long as I have had the skill. 

Creating and telling stories as a way to connect with people has been a motivator through my teenage years into my adult years. 

I also have a deep love for history that has evolved into a passion for genealogy. This passion for genealogy has expanded as I have learned invaluable research skills that have helped me piece together my family tree (including finding my previously unknown great-grandfather).

These things combined with my deep fascination with motorsports and its very nuanced history are how I have ended up here – the desire to tell stories and the love for history while having the ability to use genealogical records to add flesh to stories and nowhere to put any of it.

The vision I have for this site is two-fold. 

First and foremost, Motorsport Anthology is a place for me to house my writing. This is not a place for news reporting, instead, I’ve decided to use Motorsport Anthology to house a multitude of anthologies. The anthologies will be categorized into different topics, timeframes, series, etc with the Willow Street Anthology being the only non-motorsport anthology, my personal anthology that I will update from time to time. 

Secondly, I want to leave a space and an open invitation for the work of those who don’t have anywhere else to house their work. The barriers to being able to post long-form pieces on motorsports are great and often many prospective motorsport writers are unable to overcome them. Barriers like time commitments, experience, and formal education all prevent people with things to say – informed, educated, nuanced things – about motorsport.

I want to remove those barriers as best I can and provide all of the support that I can with my experience as a writer and editor to those who want might want to write about motorsports but have not had the opportunity. I want this to be a place where prospective motorsport writers have a safe place to land, a place to learn and grow (and hopefully, eventually be able to move on to bigger publications). But I also want this a place to be where people can express their opinions in long-form on topics they feel strongly about, even if they have no desire to pursue a career in motorsport journalism. 

I think the motorsport community would be better off if everybody had the chance to express their opinions and experiences. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information. There is no commitment involved. 

With this site in its infancy, I’m sure my vision will evolve as I figure out what I’m doing but for now, this is Motorsport Anthology. I hope you stay awhile, I hope you learn something, I hope maybe you’ll even see things from a new perspective. 

As always,