Genealogy: Christian Bogle Show Notes

A visual guide for the newspaper articles and family trees to aid in understanding Christian Bogle’s family history!

Christian’s Paternal Family: A Reference Sheet:

~4:00 mark: Articles about Elmer Bogle’s desertion:

~5:35 mark: Sam Kelly’s Obituary:

~7:20 Mark: Elmer Bogle’s Mother’s Death Notice:

~9:20: Obituary for Mary Bogle (John D Bogle’s Mother):

~12:00 Mark: Samuel Kalley’s Death Notice:

Christian’s Maternal Family: A Reference Sheet:

~15:35: Peter Paul Combel’s award and Michael Combel’s Birth Announcement:

~17:45: John Alfred’s Obituary:

~19:21: Article about John Alfred’s electrician work:

~20:50: Article detailing Paul Combel’s accident:

~22:13: George Hypolite Combel’s Obituary:

~28:00: To read further about the early Favre family, visit this link.

~30:00: Salvina Favre’s runaway wedding:

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