An Introduction To Scandals of Speed

Dearest Reader,

I bring to you my newest brainchild, the Scandals of Speed Anthology. 

 Because – my dear reader – if you thought that scandal in motorsports was an invention of the social media age, you would be mistaken. 

Scandals have been a part of the fabric of motorsports since the sport’s inception. It seems that racing drivers haven’t really changed since the very beginning, a group of messy folks who tend to get themselves into trouble. It doesn’t help that newspapers loved nothing more than a good scandal and truly, motorsports never failed to provide. 

You see, it is my belief that motorsport history is vibrant, full of not just scandals, but of colorful characters, daredevils who pushed the envelope, and people who stared death in the face and just went faster. I won’t just talk about drivers though, the women who fell in love with these drivers often lead incredibly interesting lives and I think it’d be a complete shame if those women were forgotten by history as well. 

Please be warned, this series will read like a gossip column (this was inspired by Lady Whistledown of Bridgerton fame, after all). If you don’t like it, dear reader, please remember nobody is forcing you to read it, and any complaints will be ignored. My goal is to not just entertain you with these tales – all thoroughly researched in newspaper archives – but to inform you and add more depth to what you might already know about motorsport history. 

I hope you stick around and learn a thing or two about motorsports history. 

Yours Truly, 

Racing Kate

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